Updating Veras for SketchUp on Mac

Uninstall the Previous Veras Version

  • go to the Extensions (1) and select the Extension Manager (2)
  • click the Manage (3) tab
  • find the EvolveLAB - Veras Extension Name
  • click the Uninstall (4) button

Install the Updated Veras Version

To install the update, follow the instructions in this post: Installing Veras on Mac

Veras reduces the Sketchup field of view too much. It’s necessary to compensate through trial and error by increasing the angle in SketchUp. And once found… t’s possible that suddenly the framing matches, but then it’s too wide. Everything needs to be redone… :cry:

Welcome to the forum, @bouilloc.

Thank you for the feedback relating to your experience with model framing in Veras. We are taking note.