Veras - Release 1.2

Download new version here: Windows | Mac

Mac Update Instructions: Updating Veras on Mac
Mac First Install Instructions: Installing Veras on Mac


  • Render Selection - choose which part of the image you want to re-render
  • 2K Resolutions - higher resolutions (2688 x 1536 max)
  • aspect ratio - can render portrait aspect ratios
  • improved render quality for lower Geometry Override values
    • Render Engine V4 Update
    • rolled out to version Veras & above
  • updated UI navigation: render mode & refine mode
  • new top reactive toolbar for easy button access
  • updated the bottom gallery scrolling experience
  • render settings automatically load when selecting a thumbnail from the gallery
    • no need to remember the prompt used / settings used for a previous render


  • improved the main image scaling behavior when resizing the window
  • faster image cropping in SketchUp when changing the resolution
  • width & height sliders are now responsive


  • connectivity improvements

Render Selection

2023-09-01 - 16-16-06

2023-08-29 - 14-35-11

2023-08-29 - 14-40-06

Higher Resolutions & Render Engine V4

2023-08-29 - 20-58-15

Updated UI

Download new version here: Windows | Mac

Veras - Release

To install the new version, please use the link in the post above.


updated the way Render Selection works to be more intuitive when iterating through different settings in the property pane

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