Getting Started with Veras for Vectorworks

1. Install Veras

:exclamation: NOTE: Only Vectorworks 2024 for Windows and Mac are supported. :exclamation:

Partner Product Install Package (Preferred Option)

Windows (Alternative Option)

  • Download the MSI installer: Veras_Setup.msi
  • run the installer by double clicking the downloaded file
  • click, agree & next to go through the install steps
    • make sure that Vectorworks is closed during this process
    • if Vectorworks was opened, then restart Vectorworks

Mac (Alternative Option)

  • Download the DMG installer: Veras_Setup.dmg
  • Open the dmg by double-clicking it.
  • Double-click the “Plug-ins” folder first, to open it within the Finder. Then drag the “Veras” folder into that opened Finder window. Simply dragging the “Veras” folder over the “Plug-ins” folder icon, within the dmg, will not work.

2. Setup View

3. Start Veras

4. Render the View

NOTE: images are automatically saved. You can change this behavior in the settings:

5. Updating the View

  • To update the Vectorworks view to Veras, click the “Refresh Preview Image” button (the circular arrow icon) in the toolbar
    2024-01-16 - 13-31-37 - Vectorworks2024

  • You can toggle between the Vectorworks view and the Veras renderings using the Eye icon button on the top of the toolbar
    2024-01-16 - 13-33-58 - Vectorworks2024

Hello. I am very interested on trying this, but I followed all directions and always get a blank window when trying to load the web palette… Nothing happens.

I’m running VW 2024 update 3.1 on macOS Sonoma 14.3

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Thanks for posting your question, and glad you’re excited to try Veras!

After the beta phase, we will be available in the Vectorworks Partner Product Install, which is located at the Vectorworks help menu (Help -> Install Partner Products...). Installing or updating the plug-in shouldn’t present the same issues at that point.

For now, what has been occurring with Mac users seems to be a symptom of the Apple security override required to use the plug-in. I was able to reproduce the bug and overcome it in both Vectorworks 2024 update 2.1, as well as update 3.1.

Here’s the solution:

TL;DR: Close Vectorworks 2024 and reopen. If this simple trick doesn’t work, follow the additional steps seen below, more closely.

By going to Applications->Vectorworks 2024->Plug-ins where the plugin is located as VerasPalette2024.vwlibrary, you can ctrl-click that file and click open. A dialog will pop up where you click open anyway.

On this first time opening Veras in Vectorworks 2024, Veras will be erroneously treated as a Vectorworks project (.vwx file). You will get notifications about it, which you have to click through.

Then upon opening the web palette, you would get a blank UI/window.

However, in my experience with update 2.1 and update 3.1, you should be able to close Vectorworks 2024 and reopen; these subsequent times that you open Vectorworks 2024 with the Veras plug-in loaded, the plug-in should be recognized in the proper way; and upon opening the web palette, you should be able to use Veras successfully.

Hello, I have tryied to download and install the plugin on VW2024 Update 3, Windows 11, but I don’t see the palette in web palettes. I have tryied to remove and reinstalla and to repair also, but I don’t see the plugin in web palette neither in third parties plugins, thank you

@dvdvarch - welcome to the forum!

Did you have Vectorworks closed while installing?
Can you share a screenshot of where the palette should appear? Some users have custom workspaces, so it might not look like our example above.

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Hi, I followed the instructions but when I log in to the web palette I get the error “We regret to inform you that your trial has expired”. I downloaded the .dmg from this forum post - Veras + Vectorworks - Release (Beta)

You should be all set - I added a full license to your account for a month.

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For those still troubleshooting:

  • We are in the process of becoming registered Apple developers, so the security override will not be necessary in the near future.

  • In the meantime, if you were able to override that security check and are still seeing a blank Veras UI, or for whatever other reason are still getting a blank Veras UI, try right-clicking the window and then selecting “refresh”.

  • Here are some new installers where I’ve bundled the UI in a different manner, that you are welcome to try…

         Windows: Veras_Setup.msi
         Mac: Veras_Setup.dmg

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Copying your reply here for reference:

Thank you for your answer, attached you will find the screenshot.
Actually, the first time I tryied to install it VW was open, then I tryied to uninstall and reinstall while VW was closed

Can you try the following:

  • uninstall Veras with Vectorworks closed
  • restart the computer
  • install Veras first
  • then open Vectorworks

Hello, I have done what you have proposed but it hasn’t worked. The plugin is still not listed in the web palette menu. Please note that I have also Vectorworks 2023 intstalled; but the plugin doesn’t appear there either. Thank you,

@dvdvarch, Can you confirm that the following path exists on your computer?

“C:/Program Files/Vectorworks 2024/Plug-ins”

or if not, find out where the Vectorworks 2024/Plug-ins folder is located?

I’d want to confirm that “VerasPlugin” is located there after an install.

I see - Veras only works for Vectorworks 2024 at the moment.

Yes, it does exist and Vers Plugin folder is in it, but it doesn’t appear in web palette nor in “third parties plugin” menu.

I have tryied to install it on another computer with no success.
I have also tryied to install it manually thru the “manage script” menu, but the extension of the files are not recognized as installable plugins.

I just learned yesterday from an engineer over at Vectorworks that there can be localization issues, i.e. a digital language barrier that exists, with the Vectorworks Plug-ins folder when installed in Program Files. We will be changing our installation process to put the Veras plug-in in a different folder. I’m hoping there’s a better chance of it being seen in another location, in your case.

With all that said, I think my suggestion would be to copy the VerasPlugin and paste it to C:\Users\<User>\AppData\Roaming\Nemetschek\Vectorworks\2024\Plug-ins\Data

And if that doesn’t work, maybe try the Plug-ins folder that is one level above Data. However, I believe the plug-in search that Vectorworks 2024 performs is recursive, so it shouldn’t matter.

Also, don’t forget to restart Vectorworks.

Yes, thanks Ben - all sorted!

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