Veras also available in the future as plugin for Vectorworks in the future

Will Veras also be available for different type of programms on short notice?
If I speak for myself as designer I work with Vectorworks. It will be great. But maybe also for other programms…

At the moment I am learning basic things in Sketchup so I can experience Veras.

Please let me know!

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Thank you for the interest in Veras for Vectorworks.

We are planning to release a Vectorworks version in the future after the ArchiCAD release.

Are you using Vectorworks in Windows or Mac?

Sorry for the late response. I was on holiday :sweat_smile:

I am using Vectorworks on a Mac computer.

Let me know when your release it!

No worries. Thanks for the update.

@Kverhoeven90 - we now have a pre-release beta of Veras for Vectorworks. If you’d like to test it out before the full release, check out this guide: Getting Started with Veras for Vectorworks

Please note that there might be some bugs that we are working on resolving. Also, please let us know if you find any misbehaviors in your testing, if you have a chance to test it out.