Manual - getting started? turbo nature? version 2.0? more presets? saving own custom presets? history?


Just trying out veras, and I have some questions…

Is there a manual?
What does to turbo nature do?
Is it possible to browse more “presets” - not sure if thats the name
Can wee add / save our own presets?
Can we go back through history? I just closed veras and all my previous settings / test where gone


Great questions!

Veras Manual

Turbo Nature

Turbo nature adds foliage and vegetation to the scene in a aggressive manner. See examples below with this setting OFF and ON, while using the same seed:

NOTE: the geometry override was not set to zero, as that would constrain this setting to remain with the current foliage in the scene.


YES!! We will be shipping many more default presets in the future.

We are also working on custom user presets that will be available in the next version 1.8 release.

Render History

If you are using the plugin version of Veras, all renders are auto saved by default. Click the folder button on the far right to see the rederings:

Version 2.0

We have been working on version 2.0 in parallel with recent updates. This version will be foundational for a new way of working with Veras! For early access you can request to join the early access group as this group will test the first versions of 2.0. (Send me a message if you are interested to join.)

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Hi Ben

Thanks for a fast and very comprehensive response!
I will dive into your links :slight_smile:

Regarding history, I ment going back through settings and being able to use the seed id, as we can with the history shown inside Veras. But I guess I’m also just trying to figure out how to use Veras - so not a huge issue.


Right - we’re also working on this. This will be available in a separate tag, and can be further organized by metadata.


Sounds great - this software really has a huge potential!
Great results, and easy to use.


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