Veras + Vectorworks - Release


  • Veras is now available for Vectorworks !!!
  • Download new version here: Windows | Mac
  • To get started with Windows or Mac, check out the quick start guide: Getting Started with Veras for Vectorworks
  • This is a beta release, so we would really appreciate your feedback


Check out the cool examples below

Vectorworks Forum

There’s also a great thread regarding Veras on the Vectorworks forum. Linking it here for reference: AI integrated Rendering - Page 2 - Wishlist - Feature and Content Requests - Vectorworks Community Board


Veras + Vectorworks Stability

  • Now registered with Apple, Veras for Vectorworks no longer requires security workarounds on MacOS.
  • Additional stability provided for preventing blank Veras UI bug.

Release 1.6 Features Available

  • Veras for Vectorworks is now updated to the Veras 1.6 release.
  • Create renderings using the new V6 rendering engine.
  • Use the new Blur tool in Refine mode while using Veras in Vectorworks.
  • Enjoy the new UI improvements, including the completed rendering indicators, and the ability to delete completed renderings.
  • See more details for release 1.6 here: Veras - Release 1.6
  • Download the updated versions here: Windows | Mac
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