Getting Started with Veras for Forma

1 | Add the Extension

  • Within a Forma project to the Extensions tab, and press the + Add extension button
  • Find the EvolveLAB Veras extension and click the Add button
  • Click the Agree button, the close the Extension menu
  • The new extension is now available for this project:

2 | Start Veras

  • Launch the app by clicking the app in the extension page
  • Create a user account or sign-in with an existing account
  • You will be prompted to accept the EULA, and select the optional settings for analytics
  • Take a walkthrough thorough the basic functionality of the app

3 | Render the view


hi Ben,
is there any particular thing I need to do to get the extension on my Forma account? I can’t find it under beta, shoul I add it based on ID?

@camne.acm ,

After pressing the + Add Extension button, go to the unpublished tab, and type in this id to find it:




Thanks @Greg for the interim solution. We now have the extension published and no longer need the unpublished key to access. The instructions above are now updated to reflect this.