Getting Started with Veras Rhino

1 | Rhino Viewport Setup

  • Set the viewport to Render Preview mode
  • Optionally, you can change the background to gradient
    2023-03-16 - 11-11-17

2 | Render the View

  • Type “Veras” in the command line
  • Click the render button
  • NOTE: you can toggle the settings, and add a prompt to guide the ML algorithm



Looks very exciting! Will this be also available for Mac?

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We will first release the SketchUp version for windows, then the mac versions for Rhino & SketchUp.

Hey! Is Veras available yet for Rhino 7 on Mac? I’d love to try it out.

@mikers not yet. We’re releasing the public SketchUp Windows version next week, and looking at adding Mac support for Rhino and SketchUp next.

Any updates for the release date of the mac support?

@sven - welcome to the forum!

We don’t have a release date. We’re hoping to have it release Q3 2023.