Getting Started with Veras SketchUp

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1 | Install Veras

  • Download the installer for windows here: Veras Installer (Windows)
  • Run the downloaded msi installer, which will add the SketchUp extension and you should see a new Veras button
  • For Mac, please follow these instructions: Veras SketchUp for Mac
  • NOTE: SketchUp versions supported: 2021, 2022, 2023 for both Windows and Mac

2 | Setup SketchUp View Settings

3 | Start Veras

  • Open Veras using the new Veras button
  • NOTE: you can also open Veras from the Extensions menu

4 | Render the View

  • Type a prompt describing the scene composition you’d like
  • Click the render button
  • NOTE: you can play with the slider & toggle settings and different prompts to get various results
  • NOTE: all renderings are automatically saved to the app folder, and you can open this folder using the folder icon near the Render button
  • NOTE: You can save individual renderings you like anywhere on your computer using the ‘Save’ icon button in the left toolbar.

5 | Updating the View

  • You can toggle between the SketchUp view and the Veras renderings using the Eye icon button on the top of the left toolbar
  • To update the SketchUp view to Veras, click the “Refresh SketchUp Preview” button (the circular arrow icon) in the left toolbar

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6 | Lighting Adjustments (Optional)

  • You can also adjust the lighting of the scene using the SketchUp shadows tray
  • Try checking the “Use sun for shading” option
  • Refresh the scene
  • Click render, and test out the output by running multiple iterations

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