Saving settings together with autosave image?

It would be nice if we could access the different settings we use, when we develop a project.
It could be a simple text file contaning all settings, like

  • the seed is
  • prompt
  • all slider settings
    It could also be a simple xml file - that can be imported into Veras.

Just some idés.


Hmm, I kind of like this idea. Perhaps we could set up something where when a rendering is saved, two files get saved:

render-file-name.veras (This file could contain the settings used to produce this rendering?)

We’ll look into it, thanks for the idea!

As @Ben mentioned in this other post, we are currently working on a way to allow you to save render settings within the Veras app, so that you could browser through and use your saved render settings anytime you are logged in.

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Hi Daniel

Sounds super cool!
The .veras file could contain an easy readable content, so we don’t nessesary need to open the file inside veras to view it - just a thought.


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Yeah also a good idea @Jorgensen, I agree.

It could probably be some sort of .json or .csv format, so one could open and read it in a text editor. I agree there’s no need to make this type of file illegible by making it binary or encoded or anything. Should be pretty small, and contain no sensitive data anyway.