Is it possible in the prompt to selectively have the AI change materials for specific surfaces?

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Is it possible in the prompt to selectively have the AI change materials for specific surfaces (based on material definitions)? In other words if I organize my model with materials mapping/layers can I target to selectively change a certain material? While leaving others intact? Color changes for a specific material?

At the moment, this is controlled with the creativity strength. The higher value allows more freedom to make these material changes. However, it is a global slider, so if other materials are not defined to the same degree they can change as well. You could lower this value and change the material base color in Revit.

We could make this more granular in the future, so that users can retain more of the image and only change a specific region of the render.


Thank you for posting this! It would really allow users to leverage Veras for production oriented visualizations (vs more conceptual).

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I should mention, we did explore using the current version of Veras to retain more of the geometry from Revit:

Here’s a sample gif:
2023-01-08 - 03-49-00

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The latest V1 release has a new Geometry Override slider that can be used for geometry retention:

Here’s the V1 post: Veras - Release

I really like the idea of adding some granular control of surfaces or being able to define an area that can be explored while retaining other areas. An example of this would be when doing an addition to an existing building.

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@rkuffel - welcome to the forum!

Definitely! For the area specific exploration, we will be releasing an update this quarter :tada: !

Thank you and I’m super excited to see the update!


The Veras 1.2 Release has the new Render Selection feature, located under the new REFINE tab. Check it out:

2023-09-06 - 23-09-37

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