How To Get Started With Morphis


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In this guide we will be explaining how to get started with Morphis, from installation to creating a layout.

How to install Morphis

  • Download and install Morphis using this link: installer
  • If succesfully installed, the EvolveLAB tab and the Morphis buttons should appear in Revit.

How to start your layout

  • Select a room, area or a filled region by clicking the select button:
    Selecting a starting layout

How to generate different layouts

  • Click “Generate”

How to change the orientation of a region

  • Changing the region orientation allows you change the starting point of where Morphis starts adding modules

    Change region orientation

How to create paths

  • Creating a path allows you to divide areas, add circulation paths and much more. We currently have the following options to create a path:
    Draw path options

How to edit paths

The edit button allows you to change the path type, justification as well as delete paths you have previously created

See examples below:

Editing a user path


Editing a perimeter path


How to edit modules

Click the edit button next to the module name

Module settings

To try Morphis, you can visit our Morphis page

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