Unable to Select Revit Area, Room, or Region Morphis


I am evaluating Morphis for our generative design purpose. I have followed the How to Get Started with Morphis here but unable to select the area needed.

I have created a square area, but I can’t click it to add as Revit area.

Anyone could explain in an easier way to use Morphis?

Thank you.

@AlfoChri - welcome to the forum!

If you are using areas, the area element needs to be selectable in an area plan view. Then, you can use Morphis to select it. See gif:

2024-02-12 - 12-02-49

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To clarify further, Morphis currently supports generating layouts inside only three types of Revit elements - Rooms, Areas, and Filled Regions.

@AlfoChri - If you mean ‘areas’ as in Revit Areas, then as @Ben said, you have to ensure the Revit Area is visible and selectable in your current Revit view.

If you meant ‘area’ more generically as the space enclosed by the walls in your screenshot, you must first create either a Revit Room or a Revit Area in that enclosed space before you will be able to select it with Morphis.

Typically I find it easier to start by creating a Revit Room in the space where you want to generate a layout, as Revit rooms are a bit faster and easier to create than Revit Areas.

If you are still not able to get it working, please let us know and we will dive in deeper to find a solution!


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Hi @Ben and @Daniel thanks for the feedback.

Yes, I meant ‘area’ more generically. But if have managed to convert it to Revit Area and follow along the gif provided earlier. Now it works perfectly!


Yay, glad to hear you got it working!!!

In the future, we may support more types of bounding spaces, but right now we are relying on the Revit elements mentioned above (rooms, areas, filled regions) so that you can control the boundaries directly in Revit. All of the above elements also natively require you to create a closed loop, which is handy for what Morphis is doing with the spaces right now.

Thanks again!