Veras Installation Guidelines

I have downloaded EEvolveLAB_Veras_Setup.msi but I am not able to see it in my sketchup extension box. Am I missing a step here? Is there any installation guideline?

@CVM - welcome to the forum!

We have the getting started guide for SketchUp: Getting Started with Veras SketchUp

You can access the plugin from the toolbar button or the Extensions menu:

Also note that Veras works for the following SketchUp versions: 2021, 2022, 2023

Thank you Ben for your quick response.
I did download the installer for windows then I did run the downloaded msi installer, per your instruction. But it didn’t add the SketchUp extension and I cant see a new Veras button neither in my Extensions menu in toolbar, nor in Extension management box.
I am using Sketchup Pro 2020 V.20.2.172 64-bit (month trial version). Does Veras work with trial version?

Veras only works on SketchUp 2021 and above.

Thank you Sir,
I will update my Sketchup. You are the most helpful.

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Hola Ben! Instale la versión gratuita en mi Sketchup 2023, y luego la eliminé. Hace un rato compré la suscripción mensual. Ahora trato de instalarla y me dice que ya esta instalado, pero no me aparece el icono por ninguna parte. ¿que puedo hacer?


Can you download the latest version and try to install: Veras Installer (Windows)


No aparece instalada la aplicación.

I continue to have problems. I uninstall the application from the computer. Reboot the machine. I run the installation file of the latest version of the application. Start Sketchup, and nothing. The extension does not appear in the program.

We’ve just release version 1.0 for Veras. Can you please try this latest version?