Veras Installation Guidelines

I have downloaded EEvolveLAB_Veras_Setup.msi but I am not able to see it in my sketchup extension box. Am I missing a step here? Is there any installation guideline?

@CVM - welcome to the forum!

We have the getting started guide for SketchUp: Getting Started with Veras SketchUp

You can access the plugin from the toolbar button or the Extensions menu:

Also note that Veras works for the following SketchUp versions: 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023

Thank you Ben for your quick response.
I did download the installer for windows then I did run the downloaded msi installer, per your instruction. But it didn’t add the SketchUp extension and I cant see a new Veras button neither in my Extensions menu in toolbar, nor in Extension management box.
I am using Sketchup Pro 2020 V.20.2.172 64-bit (month trial version). Does Veras work with trial version?

Veras only works on SketchUp 2021 and above.

Thank you Sir,
I will update my Sketchup. You are the most helpful.

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