Inconsistent output

Hello team!

Im having some inconsistencies with Veras in Sketchup. The outputs I am getting are all different from each other while the all the settings remains the same? Lighting is also inconsistent, any ideas how to fix this? (I didnt have this issue with the previous version 5 by the way)
Material override: 100
Prompt strength: 60
Geometry override: 0

I tried to upload pictures but it says new users can only embed one picture (im not a new user)

@Idrissa, yeah it would usually notify me if this was your first post, and it didn’t notify me, so that’s odd!

I’m wondering… did you have the seed “locked” in the past when you were able to maintain consistent results? Or were you able to maintain consistent results without using that feature?

Like @Greg mentioned, locking the seed will try to preserve consistency. Here’s a neat post on using the render seed: Best Use Cases for Using the Render Seed

Also I wanted to link the other thread where this could be a limitation to the V5 Render Engine, where the soon to be released V6 has some neat updates: John Randal McDonald Vanderbeke Home | V6 Render Engine Tests - #5 by Ben

Hello Greg,

No I usually dont touch the seed button, in the past I was able to get a consistent (realism effect) but this started happening recently. I will try the V6 today and get back with examples!

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Thank you for the links Ben,

I will circle back today after I try using V6 on sketchup! thank you

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V6 Render Engine is now available for everyone: Veras - Release 1.6