John Randal McDonald Vanderbeke Home | V6 Render Engine Tests

I’ve been playing with the latest V6 Render Engine (currently in beta / early-access, to be released soon). I used the same John Randal McDonald Vanderbeke model from the SketchUp Warehouse in this post (8 months ago): John Randal McDonald Vanderbeke Home from SketchUp Warehouse. The progress is impressive!

Here are some of the neat improvements:

  • darker / richer tones
  • better color balance
  • more balanced contrast
  • less plastic like aesthetic at high prompt strength values

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What parameter are you using? im keeping my settings default but i getting a really bad output. and all outputs are different from eachother even with the same settings.

The v6 engine is in early access, and not publicly deployed. If you want to test this version before release, I added you to the early access group.

Thank you Ben. How do i access it? through the web app or Sketchup?

You can access it in this post:

It’s already available in the web app - the post includes the SketchUp, Revit & Rhino installer.

A quick test of the V6 Render works great especially with water, reflections, and light and shadow:

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V6 Render Engine is now available for everyone: Veras - Release 1.6