How to Manage Licenses Using the License Portal


Where to purchase?

The email used to purchase licenses will also be the account owner, who can assign and revoke seats and license managers.

License Portal

How to register/login? Go to the licensing portal.

  • If you have already registered, you can log in with your email and password

  • If you don’t have an account, you can create one by clicking on the ‘Create Account’ button at the bottom

How to assign a seat or license manager? Type in an email address then click the green tick mark. To remove them, just click on the red ‘X’.

  • Licenses can be reassigned or removed an unlimited amount of times


See App Usage data

  • You can now see which EvolveLAB apps your team members have logged into, and when:


    You can learn more about viewing and managing App Usage Data at this forum post.

Frequently Ask Questions

  • Can there be multiple admin users? Only a single Account Owner is allowed, but that individual can assign up to 10 License Managers, who have the ability to assign and revoke seats.
  • When I assign someone a seat how long does it take to process? Assigning or removing licenses will process instantly.
  • How do new users register when a seat has been assigned to them? The following window will appear when a new user tries to run the tool for the first time. If the email used during registration matches the email that has an assigned seat, they will automatically have a license. Alternatively, they can sign up for a free account beforehand at the licensing portal

  • Are there any limits to changing users? No - you can change the user email assignments as frequently as you’d like.
  • Why don’t I see any licenses? Only the Account Owner and any License Managers that they have assigned, will be able to see the licenses. Trials and expired licenses are not shown in the portal.
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I have just signed up to use Veras and had a couple questions. As a manger do you get a seat automatically? If I have registered a member of my team as a seat will they get an email notifying them? We assigned a seat and the member does not have access, it says they are still in the free trial and it’s unclear on what to do next.

Thank you for reaching out! The manager can also purchase a seat, but there is not a free seat given automatically.

  • All our licensing is user based tied to an email address.
  • The license administrator at your firm assigns the licenses based on employee email address.
  • Through the license portal, licenses can be reassigned an unlimited number of times with the user’s email address.

User’s will sign in with their email address using this portal: EvolveLAB | Customer Portal

Let us know if this helps, otherwise you can contact me directly at


We just released a ‘License Manager’ feature, which I thought I’d mention here, which allows the account owner to assign ‘License Managers’ who have the privilege to assign and revoke purchased license seats to email addresses. If you have any purchased seats, you can currently add up to 10 License Managers to any of your EvolveLAB products.

What the Account Owner sees:

What the License Manager sees:

Note that a License Manager cannot see or edit any billing or payment information.


We’ve just released a ‘Record App Usage data’ feature, as described in more detail in this post:

tldr; If you are an Account Owern or License Manager, you can see who logged into which apps, and when, to help you more effectively manage your purchased licenses!

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