How to Manage Licenses Using the License Portal


Where to purchase?

The email used to purchase licenses will also be used to manage licenses

License Portal

How to register/login? Go to the licensing portal then enter your email.

  • If you have already registered, you will be prompted to type your password, otherwise, you will have to choose a password.
    Login Page

How to assign a seat? Type in an email address then click the green tick mark

  • Licenses can be reassigned or removed an unlimited amount of times

Frequently Ask Questions

  • Can there be multiple admin users? Currently, there can only be one admin user but we have the functionality to allow multiple emails/admins on the backlog
  • When I assign someone a license how long does it take to process? Assigning or removing licenses will process instantly
  • How do new users register when a seat has been assigned to them? The following window will appear when a new user tries to run the tool for the first time. If the email used during registration matches the email that has an assigned seat, they will automatically have a license.
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