Veras and Rhino

Hi gang!
I am looking for tutorials on using Veras and Rhino and am not having any luck. Also…any word on when Veras will work with Sketch Up?

much thanks…


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Unfortunately, the current release ( only supports Revit :frowning: so you won’t be able to find any tutorials on how to use with with either Rhino or SketchUp (at least not by us).

However, supporting both Rhino and SketchUp are two of the top items on our todo list. I’m personally a big SketchUp fan, so I’m really excited for that one. We’ll come back here and update this post once we have one and/or both of those features added!

Also @MarkyB, have you heard our other product Helix?

It’s an app that can move model between Revit and SketchUp, and it also has some AutoCAD and Rhino 7 support. You can find a free trial here, in case you want to use it to port a Helix model into Revit to try out Veras on it.

Sorry for being a bit of a self-promoter here, but it might be relevant and/or helpful for you!

much thanks…you catz are awesome…I am an art director (games) and have a masters degree in Architecture and just trying to get back into the biz…the rendering biz…but since I am just getting back into the Arch biz…I do not want to buy the full revit license…therefore…Revit LT…ahhh life


With Autodesk pricing these days that’s totally understandable, especially for an individual as opposed to an organization!

[Off topic, but beautiful portfolio!]

The Rhino version of Veras was released two weeks ago. Here’s a getting started tutorial: Getting Started with Veras Rhino