Floating licenses?

We have used Enscape for some years, with great success because of three subjects
1 it’s very easy to use (like Veras)
2 we get very nice results in a few seconds (like Veras)
3 Flowting licenses

We are a small company, and we have one person dedicated to create 3d illustrations, but we are around five to six people that regularly creates illustrations to develop our projects.

So we can do this by having three flowting licenses, one is almost permantent used by our expert, and the other two licenses are shared by the rest of us. I have added extra seats in some periodes, when needed.

I wonder if the licens system for Veras works the same way?


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@Jorgensen Thanks for the questions.

Current License System

Here’s how our current licensing system works, in short:

Once you purchase a license, you can log into the Customer Portal at any time and change the email address assigned to the license. There is no limit to the number of times the email assigned to a purchased seat can be changed. There is also no “cooling off” or “waiting” period when assigning the license to a different email - the change is effective instantly.

The Account Owner (email who purchased the license) can also assign up to 10 License Managers who can add, remove, and transfer seats anytime. A License Manager cannot access or change any payment or subscription information.

You can learn more about all the features of our current licensing system and how to use them at the below forum post, which we tend to continually update:

Coming Soon - Floating Licenses

We are currently working on adding a Floating License model. This will work similarly to Enscape and other floating licenses. You will be able to assign as many emails as you want (or simply an email domain like “@mycompany.com”). Any of those approved emails will be able to use Veras at any time without having to manually update anything in the Customer Portal, up until the number of concurrent users reaches the number of purchased floating license seats.

We currently expect this to be available sometime in early to mid Q3 of this year. We’ll make a post on the forum, and update the forum post linked above, when floating licenses are available for purchase. While we plan to continue to offer our current ‘fixed seat’ model, the floating seats may have a slightly higher cost per seat.

I hope this helps answer your question!



Hi @Daniel

Thats very fine and informative!


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