Veras to Version Render Quality

NO way I can make render like on your last picture. I paid for the app, but all my perspective lines are blurred, the geometries changed into non-realistic alternatives. Nothing is architecturally correct. And the controls I have are different to what you are showing. I have Materials and Geometry Override… instead of creativity and style… how is this possible?

How do you lock materials (seed) when you select one render as final and then change the view in SketchUp?

@nino.kozlevcar - welcome to the forum and thank you for purchasing Veras!

I moved your posts into a new topic, as it relates beyond the original SketchUp for Mac Release.

Here’s a copy of the related image you reference:

v0.9.5.0 to v1.0.0.0 Changes

The controls change from version to version and the UI and feature offering have also changed. Check out this post that explains how the changes work: From Veras v0.9.5 to v1.0.0 - How the Settings Changed & How to Replicate Previous Settings
Also, we are planning to add a setting that will allow users to change the Render Engine, so that the settings before v1.0.0.0 can be used in the latest releases

Render Quality

Regarding the architecturally correct renderings, can you share the results of your output? There are different settings for v1 and up that allow for different levels of geometry and material retention.

Below are some examples that include the settings and prompts used in the property pane. Note how the geometry strictly follows the SketchUp geometry.

Render Seed

If you want to preserve the render aesthetic, you can lock the seed and make changes to the model or the prompt, while preserving the aesthetic. You can see this in action on our latest Revit Pure livestream:

If you change the view you have to take that same seed that was used for the render that you liked, then paste it in the text box. However, there are some limitations with changing the view, so you might get some mixed results.

Is anyone else having issues using Veras with SketchUp? Like with these same settings, only using materials override and prompt, I get Veras to completely change my geometry, create new stories, new openings, and the perspective gets broken no longer realistic… sometimes pretty, but useless.

If you want to have higher geometry retention, you should lower the Geometry Override to zero. Also, make sure that you are using the latest version of Veras: Veras - Release 1.3

To see how others are using Veras, check out the gallery: Veras Gallery - EvolveLAB Forum

Please share some of your results including the original SketchUp view so that we can better assist you.

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Hi Ben. That would be greatly appreciated.
First is sketchup view. Shadows on(?)

Second is view of the settings and result.

This is pretty much as good as I can make it. I have close to no control over materials, even when I put stuff in prompt, and if by chance I like the result, clicking seed doesn’t keep the material choices with different view, so basically I can’t have two renders of a same building.

Here is another one with interior trial.

This could be incredible first impression, but really after couple of seconds you realise very few things really work.

Exterior Scene

For high material retention, it’s better to hide the edges in SketchUp, otherwise the output will include those edges and make the rendering appear cartoony.

Here are some test with the lower material override values. The settings used are in the property pane.

If the material override can be maxxed, you can get more interesting results. Then you would have to use the render selection feature to further correct the colors and materials:

Here are some examples with full material override:

Interior Scene

For the interiors, I went ahead and tested the scene with our latest backend, that will be released next week. Something to note: it’s best to re-frame this view so that it closer resembles 2 points perspective instead of 3 point perspective. This will better match the training data and produce better results.

Seems like you’re starting to get much better quality with the new Veras 1.4 release! Feel free to post some examples here when you have a chance :slight_smile:

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