Render Selection Workflow for Office Interior

2023-09-08 - 00-45-23

I downloaded another office interior model from the SketchUp Warehouse, to explore the new Render Selection feature. Check out the process below.

The settings and the prompt is also included below each render.

1. Finding a Render to Refine

I tried a few renderings with different settings, so that we can have a good base. Here’s the one that I chose:

Geometry Override: 34
Material Override: 100
Width: 1344
Width: 768
Is Interior: ON (other toggles OFF)
Prompt: modern office space
Prompt Strength: 60

2. Draw the Selection

  • Now that we have a decent start, move over to the REFINE tab. Notice how the Pen tool is already highlighted in blue.

  • You can start drawing by clicking, then releasing which will place a vertex for the selection polygon
    2023-09-07 - 23-43-57

  • Alternatively you can click and hold the mouse down to organically draw
    2023-09-07 - 23-45-08

  • You can finish the sketch the following ways:
    • click the circle checkmark :heavy_check_mark: button
    • click near the start point of the sketch
    • press the [ENTER] key
  • To clear the selection:
    • click the circle :heavy_multiplication_x: button
    • or press [ESCAPE] key

3. Render the Selection

  • You can type a new prompt and change the settings to further define what is in the selection.
  • Let’s fix the ceiling by selecting it, then changing the settings
  • NOTE: the selection does not need to be perfect, but it’s good to overshoot a bit

2023-09-07 - 23-55-25

4. Repeat Process on Other Parts of the Render

Change the back wall

Change the chair fabric

Change the Alcove

Flooring and Chairs

Download Veras here: Windows | Mac

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