Reset Active View For Import? - Helix seems to be stuck on active view from a now closed project

Hi - Using Helix I’m trying to import information from Revit from (2) different models. The Helix import worked w/ the first model, however now when I try w/ the second model it keeps importing model information from the first model … even though that model is not even open.

Appreciate the help!

@dcdixon Welcome to the forum!!

You have to re-export the new active Revit model first, then click import from Revit:

It could also be the case that the new model is very heavy, and the cache files are not overwritten with the new opened model. You can test this by making a smaller section box of you model on export.

Hi Ben, thanks for the welcome and information!

The second part of your response (heavy model) seems to have done the trick. I had been re-exporting the active view, but it was still stuck. Even following the closing re-opening of files and closing re-opening of Revit … the same issue.

The section box over a small element did help prevent the first model from coming in, but then the second import, of the information contained w/in the section box got stuck … since this model is so heavy, it looks like what I’ll have to do is break it down into chunks.

Currently testing, seems to be working at the moment.

Thanks again!

Got it. I think we need to update a few things here to improve the process:

  • UI that show success / fail on export (currently it only shows the success, and there are not dialogs if it fails to export)
  • Faster imports in SketchUp (this is something in our backlog)
  • Support for larger models with better instancing

I’ve updated our roadmap to included the above: