Helix - Release 2.11.0

Download new version here: Helix Installer


  • 20x speed increase for larger models when importing a Revit model into SketchUp
  • added warning dialog if the export from Revit fails, including the error reason

Bug Fixes

  • export from Revit to SketchUp stability
  • fixed bug where DXF and OBJ based family host levels could not be changed
  • fixed bug where any level hosted elements would have a host level jump to a level further below due to rounding.
  • material mapping stability from SketchUp to Revit for DXF families
    • fixed bug with mapped materials not being applied to DXF families in Revit
    • allowed material mappings and non-mapped materials to be case insensitive
    • fixed issue with materials that have white spaces in SketchUp to map onto Revit materials that cannot have white spaces

Known Issues

  • Revit elements from linked models do not transfer into SketchUp

20x Speed Increase for Importing Revit into SketchUp

gif below is sped up, but timer is accurate
2023-05-18 - 14-55-06

Revit to SketchUp Export Stability

Material Mapping Stability

Download new version here: Helix Installer

Helix - Release 2.11.1

To install the new version, please use the link in the post above.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug where materials would not apply to DXF family imports in Revit files that have special characters for Appearance Assets

Dear Ben,
Is there any chance to have DWG to Revit function compatible with Revit 2020 or even 2018?

@chinadulante - it would be difficult for us to add Revit 2020 support, as we are using new APIs exposed in Revit 2021 for Helix. Regarding 2018, since Autodesk no longer supports versions lower than 2019, it would be a challenge.

However, if this is a critical time sensitive request, the above is not impossible. We could make a separate build that’s not part of the main release via a feature sponsorship.