Project deformation and deletion of architectural elements [REVIT]

I do not understand, I test VERAS, but it modifies or interprets the geometry… even reducing the creativity.
How to get a nice image without distorting the initial project?
I followed the advice of page > Rendering Without Geometry Changes - #3 by Konrad_XPLAN

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We are working on improving the Revit geometry retention while not reducing the quality of the render. More to come in future releases, stay tuned!

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i have the same problem, deformation and prompts are not accurate, i dont know if the problem is the way i writting it. Do you recomend write it in english. I am from spain…

We are working on increasing the geometry retention.

Regarding the prompt language, I would recommend using English for best results, as the machine learning data is predominantly in English.

Ok, thanks. Is there something like an instructions to generate Prompts!!!.. Maybe a tutorial with examples.

Thanks in advance

check out this post: Rendering Exterior Cabin: The RAC Basic Sample Revit Model

The latest V1 release is significantly better at retaining geometry details:

2023-06-26 - 22-50-12

Here’s the V1 post: Veras - Release