"One or more dimension references are or have become invalid"


When I run the Dimension Views by Category task and select only my active view (which is a floor plan), I get an enormous number of “One or more dimension references are or have become invalid” errors. I clicked “Remove Reference(s)” at least a hundred times and the message is still popping up repeatedly, so I had to force quit Revit. Any idea why this is occurring and how I can fix it?

These are my settings:

Hi @jdrachenberg ,
Which wall references and wall dimension options did you pick?

Hey @Miguel , I selected all of the plan wall dimensions and the only wall reference I selected was Core Center Line.

Thanks for providing more feedback.

We are unable to replicate the bug on our end. If possible, can you email me at: miguel@evolvelab.io ? Creating a stable product and bug-free is Glyph’s #1 priority.

Thank you!

Hi @jdrachenberg ,

Just wanted to let you know that we found and fixed the error you described above.

Thank you!

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