Glyph - Release

Download the new version here: Glyph Installer

Features :tada:

  • Task as buttons
    • Add task to the EvolveLAB’s panel in Revit for easy accessibility. You can now run task without having opening the UI.

    • How to add task to EvolveLAB’s Revit panel?

      • Task as Buttons
    • Things to consider:

      • Task buttons are saved to the project
      • Settings can only be changed by opening the main UI (“Glyph”)
      • Currently the feature is only available for tasks but we will introduce bundles buttons soon
    • Examples:

      • Create room callouts
        • Create room callouts using ribbon task button
      • Dimension walls in your active view
        • Revit_Sh0LAz1s48

Improvements :roller_coaster:

  • Improved stability when using the Create Views by Room task on a room imported from a linked model and with the “Room Bounding” setting checked.
  • Improved plumbing fixtures and specialty equipment dimensions when family instance host is not a wall

Bugs :bug:

  • Fixed import task/bundle failing when parameter setter is not present in the new model
  • Fixed room schedules not getting placed on sheets

Glyph - Release

To install the new version, please use the link in the post above.

Bug Fixes :bug:

  • Fixed pipe tags not populating the tag settings with the new pipe tags families