How to Create View By Scope Box

Workflow Advantages

  • Easily create multiple customized Views at once.
  • Define Views base levels and Scopeboxes cropping.
  • Customize Views Settings like View Template, naming, and more.

1 | Select Levels

  • From within the OOTB Create Views by Scope Box task, Selection tab, select the Levels to be used for your views.

Select Level By Filter

This example shows how to apply Selection Filters.

2 | Select Scope Boxes

  • In the same tab, also select the Scope Boxes to be used.

Select Scope Boxes

This example shows how to Select Elements from Revit and how to refine the selection using checkboxes.

3 | Pick Views to create and define their’s settings

  • Go to the Task Settings tab.
  • Choose types of views to make. Eg: make Floor Plans.
  • Define View Settings:
    • View Family Type - define View Type from among options in the Revit project.
  • View Template - define View Template from among options in the Revit project.
  • View Creation Settings - define whether the Views are to be dependent or not from other Views in the project.
  • Naming Scheme - define parameters, prefixes, and/or suffixes for the View name.

Pick Views and Define Settings

4 | Run the Task

  • Press the play button.
  • Watch the Project Browser to find the newly created Views

Run Task

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