Helix - Release 2.10.0

Download new version here: Helix Installer


  • New OBJ based import method with texture mapping (SketchUp to Revit)! :tada:
    • Available for SketchUp 2022 and above
    • Available for Revit 2023 and above
  • Revit 2024 Support! :rocket:
  • SketchUp 2023 Support! :rocket:
  • Import / Export Layer Mapping (AutoCAD to Revit)

Bug Fixes :bug:

  • Polyline processing bug patch (AutoCAD to Revit)

Known Issues

  • When using OBJ mapping, elements that are nested and mapped have a translation issue, when the origin of that nested component does not use the default location

Material Texture Mapping Import From SketchUp to Revit

2023-05-12 - 12-38-48

2023-05-12 - 12-21-21

Import / Export Layer Mapping DWG

Download new version here: Helix Installer

Helix - Release 2.10.1

To install the new version, please use the link in the post above.


  • Added warning dialog if the export from Revit fails
  • Removed the Helix docs outdated link

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug where DXF and OBJ based family host levels could not be changed
  • Fixed bug where any level hosted elements would have a host level jump to a level further below due to rounding.

Does 2.10.0 removed DXF material mapping? I no longer can match texture mapping using this method using Revit 2022.

That should not be the case. Are you testing with the same model that worked before?
Also, I’m assuming that you are going from SketchUp to Revit.

Yes I am testing SketchUp to Revit. I am using a new model with the same method I tested before. I place all material on SketchUp model faces (this time color shade materal only). Before Helix creat new revit material for each SketchUp material, but this time all model materials have been set to “render material 255-255-255”

Just ran a quick test, and you’re right. Looks like we somehow broke this function. We’ll patch this up quickly:

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Would it be possible for me to get 2.8.1 install package link for this moment? So I can do some AB test and offer feedback.

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Here are the last two releases:

Thank you for catching this!

Thank you very much Ben for the super quick reply. I checked both links above, and they all turned to “file not found”. Will google drive or another bother you?
A thanks million again.

can you try again - I think they should work now

This bug should now be resolved. Seems like it was a material name character issue in the mapping.

Let me know if this update works with your testing: Helix_Setup_v2.10.2.msi (same link in first post)

SketchUp → Revit & Revit → SketchUp

It works but new problem pop up. I upload an attachment to demonstrate what is wrong.
However, the original problem was not the mapping issue. I found no material transfer from SketchUp to Revit when using the default “Architecture Template” of Revit 2022. Only when I cleaned up the Revit file three times using the purge function, the material transfer would back online.
The interesting thing is, both 2.8.1 and 2.10 works fine after three times purges, but 2.10.2 patch missed some texture (see attachment).

(Original SketchUp)


Back to the material mapping function, I would highly recommend adding a button to renew Revit material assets on the material mapping page on the SketchUp side. Now it seems SketchUp will only get the Revit material assets to renew when hit “Sync Family Types” on the Revit side which might confuse SketchUp users who have very little idea of Revit.
The attachment link is below:

Thanks for the thorough test. I’ll check out your test files.

We also released a new version 2.11.0 a few hours ago that has improved stability from 2.10.2: Helix - Release 2.11.0

It would be great if you have a chance to test this version as well.

@chinadulante - using your cleaned template, I was able to get good results with 2.11.0 (similar to 2.8.1 & 2.10).

The other template that does not work is odd. Thank you for sharing it, as we can use it for debug:

@chinadulante - found the root issue. It had to do with certain material asset names using special characters. The patch is now uploaded and DXF materials should work with both templates that you’ve tested.

Helix update (same link as link in top post): Helix_Setup_v2.11.1.msi

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