Glyph - Release

Download the new version here: Glyph Installer

Features :tada:

Sheet Packing Updates
Sheet Pack Overflow Feature

  • Overflow Settings

    • This new setting will allow you to choose what happens when the newly created views don’t fit on the sheets. This is an important setting as users will no longer need to create the right amount of sheets beforehand, and Glyph will auto create sheets for you.
    • Options:
      • Create a New Sheet: Glyph will create new sheets following the sheet selected schema, therefore newly created views will follow the same naming scheme
      • Leave Views on the Sheet: Glyph will place the views at the bottom of the titleblock
  • Pre-made Bundles
    For easy access, below you find the links to the following bundles so you can import them into your project:



To install the new version, please use the link in the post above.

Improvements :roller_coaster:

  • Clear mapping selection button
    Clear mapper

  • Element selection reversed

Bugs :bug:

  • Fixed views not getting placed on the first sheet selected
  • Fixed room elevations not getting placed on sheets in certain scenarios