Glyph Copilot - Guide

Prompt: Create wall and grid dimensions

What is Glyph Copilot

  • Glyph Copilot (closed beta) uses AI to run or create tasks based on your request without you having to find the task, select the elements etc.


  • Explore

    • Explore the capabilities of Glyph and see what it can do and what it can’t by prompting your auto-documentation requests
    • Note: This mode only works with English prompts (for now)
  • Run existing tasks

Current Limitations

  • How does it select the correct element?
    • Create views/sheets tasks:
      • By level or scope box: The name of the level and/or scope box have to be included in the request. Example: “Create floor plans based on level 01 - entry, roof, level 2”
      • By room: Glyph will look at the room number in your request to select the right elements
        Example: “Create floor plans and elevations based on rooms 101, 104, 120”
    • Dimension/tag tasks:
      • Either you add the view names in your request or Glyph will automatically select the active view/sheet. Example: “Create wall dimensions”, “Create wall dimensions for floor plan main entry”
    • Place views on sheet task:
      • Task not available yet in Glyph Copilot

Additional Guides and tips

  • Element selection: separating elements by commas “,” improves reliability
  • Trial users: 50 requests max
  • Glyph Guides


  • Prompt: Create enlarged floor plans for rooms 122 through 126
    • Create enlarged plans
  • Prompt: Elevate rooms 102 through 107
    • Elevate Views by Room with Ai
  • Prompt: Dimension curtainwalls on sheet C-102
    • Dimension Curtainwalls With Glyph Copilot AI GPT
  • Prompt: Tag curtain wall panels on sheet C-102
    • Tag Curtainwalls With Glyph Copilot AI GPT Revit