ETA for Veras ArchiCad

Any news when Veras will be available for ArchiCad?

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We don’t have a release date, but we are planning on releasing the ArchiCad version next.

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I am also very curious about the plugin for archicad. Please inform us if there is news about the release date!

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We don’t have a release date. We’re hoping to have it release Q3/Q4 2023

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Archicad “AI Visualizer” results look just like Veras? Re: post by Sam Cowley today on LinkedIn about a competition by Graphisoft to show “the power of the tool.” Just curious; is there a connection?

I guess the results are just close; I don’t really understand and how these programs work or how they operate. Sam Cowley has shown how the same prompt (cabin in the woods etc…) can get similar results.

@SketchVeraslady - It’s most likely a coincidence. Interesting find.

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@Ben - Is there any update on when Veras for Archicad will be released?

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We are planning to have this release in Q3 this year, and will update this post when it’s available.