Color words in prompts come on strong in engine 5

If I use a color word like green in the prompt, and (try to) associate it with an item, it ends up coloring other items green as well. Even though I try to specify the item that has the color in the prompt, and the SketchUp image shows the item with that color, and I try to assign neutral colors like leather or brown to other items in the prompt, and they are neutral or brown in the SketchUp image as well, many still will end up green. Sometimes the color word in the prompt seems to pervade the entire image to some degree. I have shown several examples where this has happened. Thanks!

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While I’m not 100% sure why this result is occurring, one thing you can always try is using the Render Selection feature to re-render only a portion of the image using the desired color prompt. In this example post the feature is used to add orange to a portion of the rendering, which seems similar to what you are trying to achieve.

I haven’t tried it, but you could also try using parenthesis to emphasize the color-object pairing in your prompt and see if that helps. For example, you could try “((green suede chairs)) in a modern office lobby with a (turquoise wall)”. There’s a lot more information on promps in this prompting glossary post too, which could give you some ideas.


Daniel, I did try the render selection (for the first time) for this problem and the transition from that area to the rest was a little abrupt for me. I hadn’t thought of using the parentheses in relation to this so I will try that. Mostly I think I was offering this as a suggestion perhaps for the future. I love engine 5; just have noticed the color (colors on the color wheel) comes on a little strong and wondered if it could be dialed down a bit, so it’s not so sensitive, so I don’t have to stay so far down on the material slider. But I’m thrilled with engine 5; it’s made all the difference.


The new V6 Render Engine has significant improvements to how the render selection works, including the way the render selection blends with the image: Veras - Release 1.6