Action not defind. Invalid data coming from UI

Screenshot 2023-09-06 181234

After type in Veras, then wait a sec, it comes up.
Any help? Please.

I can log in at

@Apollo, welcome to the forums! Thank you for sharing your error message with us. With a little more info, I think we will be able to solve this issue for you.

So it sounds like you’re at least able to register the addin, and then run the ‘Veras’ command to launch it… At what point are you seeing this error? Does this happen as soon as the Veras window opens, before you can even log in? …any additional screenshots or screen recordings for more context are appreciated :slight_smile:

I was seeing this after logo in my Veras acc. How can I solve this problem.


We’ve released a new update today: Veras

Can you try this latest version and let us know if anything is different?

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Ok, let me try it, thanks a lot.

Problem solved Thanks a lotttt!