What is the difference between Creativity and Style Strength?

Thanks for the reply.
I have a question please, not sure yet what is the best setting for a more realistic result. What is the difference between the style strength and creativity? and any tips for prompt. Thanks in advance.

The Style Strength instructs the algorithm how much of the original Revit view to preserve: 0 will almost keep the same image, and 100 will replace everything while preserving the mass geometry.

The Creativity Strength is how much the text prompt should affect the output. It’s not always good to keep this high, as it will produce pixelated images, so there’s a sweet spot. For high creativity values this should be lower, for lower creativity values this can be bumped up.

Here’s a post where we adjusted these values to get results that are more trued to the input geometry: Rendering Exterior School Building: The RAC Advanced Sample Revit Model