Walls and Roof placement (request)

The following request would be incredibly helpful:

When a Sketchup wall is exported into REVIT. The default alignment is the Exterior finish of a wall. However, for construction is usually more common to dimension to the core.

Let’s say for example I’m working with CMU (Concrete masonry units) as the core wall and 7/8" stucco finish.

If I’m trying to make a 10’-0" by 10’-0" room in SketchUp. I would need to make the walls in SketchUp 10’-1 3/4" to account for the 7/8" finishes on both sides. It would be incredibly helpful, if HELIX had an option so the wall is placed “Core Face: Exterior”… just like REVIT when placing a wall.

Similarly for the roof. When I create a roof in Sketchup the Thickness of the roof is reflected upward. I would like to have the option to switch it so the thickness of the roof is downward. I don’t believe the orientation of the surface in sketchup has any effect.