View creation by selected element

Hey Miguel,

Is there a way to create a plan view by selection? This is coming up for me when trying to create a plan and elevation views of a single piece of millwork.

I either have to choose by categorie, which will then do all the casework in the project which is overkill. Or by scope box, and I would rather not have to do little scope boxes all over.

Maybe I am just missing something?

Thanks for your support!

I might be able to make it work with category and filters. Filter by a specific element parameter on this one casework. But it would be so nice if by selection was an option. I feel like a selection option would work well for enlarged plans of multi-room areas like elevator and stair cores, or washrooms, or lobbys. Just to avoid placing scope boxes for that kind of stuff.

Derp! looks like you do have this built in! Right on!

One limitation is you can only select elements from that category.

It would still be nice to have a view creation by selection, where you can select a bunch of elements and generate plans. I.e. Select a whole washroom. Rather then placing a scope box for that.

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I’m glad you found it. Perhaps we can make it more obvious in the UI.

Regarding the limitation, it’s there because different categories have different parameters available, and the configuration works best with that category. However, some settings do overlap. Perhaps there could be a multi-category selection.

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