Veras web version not including landscape context?


I’ve noticed that when using the latest version of Veras on the web app version, it’s repeatedly missing out on the context of the render such as landscape and only rendering the model itself. However, in the Revit plug in which i haven’t updated yet and still use V1.3.0.0, it’s much better at adding context to renders. Here’s an example:

Is there any particular reason for this in the newer version of Veras?

Hi @Nic_Holmes1 ,

Thank you for bringing that to our attention. We will work on correcting the issue. In the meantime, if you go into settings and switch to render engine v4, you should get the results you’re looking for in Veras version v1.4. The v4 render engine isn’t as advanced in other ways, but it will achieve the filled-out surroundings.


@Nic_Holmes1 - the latest v6 Render Engine addresses this issue. Here’s the release post: Veras - Release 1.6

I ran a quick test with the image that you provided, and used the same settings:

2024-02-22 - 23-19-36 - opera