Veras SketchUp - Error Generating the Image, Filename not specified

It still doesnt work, same thing when i open it, it stays blank

@Slaw & @DeliciaDulce - do you see an error dialog or does the image just not show up?

Just image not show up.

I am wondering if during the trial version, I will be able to see how your application works ? hmmm.

We’ll extend the trial and add more renderings to your account. Thank you for helping us solve this issue.

Cool, i just hope it will be work like should be. :slight_smile:

ı have same problem as slaw .(

same problem… It is not working
would u please extend my payment expiracy or refund?

@kaserkase - apologies that you were not able to use the purchased version. We will refund your payment for this month.

We’re working to have this resolved asap!

same problem…
Could you please extend the expiration date of my payment?

@coskunsa - We’ve added a free month to your subscription. We’re working on an update patch for this that should be released soon.