Veras SketchUp - Error Generating the Image, Filename not specified

Im using Veras in a Sketchup pro 2022 and its not working, I tried open it but the view never charges… i never get a preview and im not able no do the renders

@DeliciaDulce - welcome to the forum!

Thank you for posting the issue here.

Are you using a non-English version of Windows 11?

I’m having the same issue, not getting a preview in Sketchup Pro 2022.

Same problem for me.

I have windows in czech, do you thing it can be problem ?

@michal - the OS might be related. We’re planning on releasing a patch tomorrow, and possibly a canary build for testing sometime today.

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I tried to switch lenguage to eanglish united kingdom but it is same

There’s a new pre-release update that might address this error: Veras Installer v0.9.4.6

Let me know if this update addresses your current preview image error.

not good answer, it still not runing

We’ve made another pre-release patch that will allows to better investigate the issue: Veras Installer v0.9.4.8

You should now see an error message if the image does not load. Can you please take a screenshot of that message?

I have the sktechup 2022 installed the veras but in this does not appear the image, I have already installed the top version and nothing

@joca - did you try the pre-release patch v0.9.4.8?

Veras Installer v0.9.4.8

If you have this version, can you post a screenshot with the error that you receive?

I tried the pre-release patch v0.9.4.8
this is the error:

@monikanas - This is very helpful. Thanks! We’ll send a patch soon.

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Are you going to let us know in here when the patch is ready? Thank you

Hi, yep i have the same isuue like other. Any updates ?

We’re working on a patch, and planning to release an update tomorrow.



the windows I use and the 11 I believe that in this windows does not give to install yet or has a way

Can you try the latest release: Veras Windows Installer v0.9.5.0

Please let me know if you get a different error message or if it works.

Still no vision.