Veras refine option in browser greyed out

Hi there. I’m new to Veras and tried to use the Refine option in the browser, but it is greyed out. Am I missing something?

It works when I ‘Hide Original Renderings’ (eye icon).

Doest that mean you need to render the full image first, before you can refine the part that you actually want to render? Is there also a possibility to just render a part of the uploaded image from the start?

@Lucas - welcome to the forum!

At the moment, you have to use a rendered image. However, we will be changing this behavior so that the original uploaded image can be used as well.

@Lucas - The latest Veras 1.5 release enables the Refine Mode for uploaded images. The Render Selection and the new Upscale tools now work with the uploaded image in the web app.

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