Veras function suggest

I am trying to adapt Veras to the architecture project. Veras is great for creating references in the first place.

However, there is a downside I cannot put the texture where I want in the area of ​​the building.
Normally, polygon colors are separated for each material, so it would be nice to be able to put the material I want in that color. (ex - red surface: concrete)
Currently, when I asked to make a glass building, glass goes where it shouldn’t go. (ex - veras makes brick facade to glass facade. even though I used a low level of creativity strength.)

We need a solution that gives us more control over this.
In addition, I want to generate images in the same form in different views based on the result I like rather than randomly selecting a new one every time.

Finally, I hope I can be able to modify the texture, sky, light, etc. after generating images.
by designating an area based on the resulting image created for post-production.

I think that these functions are needed to practically replace Twinmotion or Enscape in the architectural design industry.

@Samoo welcome to the forum!

You bring a lot of great points here, and we are tracking these items in our backlog:

  • Better design retention
  • Composer mode, where a user can be more specific with the which part of the design is retained
  • Exposing the render seed

There’s also a post on what is currently possible with Veras with settings to retain more of the geometry from Revit:

Here’s a sample gif:
2023-01-08 - 03-49-00

The latest release now has the render seed feature: Veras - Release

2023-07-19 - 13-25-50