Veras - Canary Release - SketchUp 2024

Download early access version here: Windows | Mac


  • SketchUp 2024 Beta Support

Known Issues

  • There are some issue with sign-in connectivity and render times
  • Please let us know if you are experiencing issues with connectivity / long wait times

Does Release1.6.4.4 have changes or improvements in addition to changes for SU 2024? (Iā€™m Interested in line weight issues, texture on components in engine 6, and a solution for the representation of graphics and patterns in Veras/ai).

Also, I noticed web app uses a release 1.6.5. and wondered about that. Thanks.

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This release is specifically for testing out SketchUp 2024 functionality.

The web app is versioned at which is the latest public release (non canary) with the new login system that allows for Single Sign-on. We are soft rolling out this new feature, by enabling it first on the web app, before our plugin clients.

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