Veras - Add Garden or Driveway without modeling

Hi all,

Has anyone tried adding components though veras? Like Garden Bed or Driveway to a house without actually modeling them?
I have seen it out there people get amazing results, was wondering If there is a prompt which triggers that.

My prompt - Rendered house, white ceiling, Photorealistic, high-definition, white sky , dark grey concrete tiled roof, golden hour, muted colour, rectilinear, sharp edges and sharp corners, Interior Lighting, high contrast. The surrounding area is filled with well-maintained homes and manicured lawns, creating a peaceful, suburban atmosphere. The garden bed is filled with colourful flowers and has a small pathway leading up to the front door of the house. The driveway leads to a garage door which is lined with shrubs and small trees.


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We are not currently able to add drastically different geometry that cannot be “loosely” extracted from the scene.

For now you would have to add a simple element that could define the object’s massing, so that the engine can recognize it and process it.


Gotcha !

Thanks again Ben.

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