Veras 1.5 - Field of View changing between iterations


For the same scene in Sketchup, the field of view appears to change between iterations. First iterations respect the scene and after a few, it zooms in x2 and it is impossible to get back the same field of view. Any idea what is causing this problem?


Hi, @PascaleL! Welcome to the forum and thank you for posting your question!

In Veras, we track general changes that are made to the model, e.g., camera movement, saving the model, erasing entities, etc. If Veras detects that there has been some change, then when the render button is pressed, or the width or height sliders are adjusted, we will first automatically resync the image of the SU model to Veras before performing the other action. This helps to keep the Veras preview up to date for faster workflows.

I’m wondering if this mechanism could be the cause of what you’re observing. Can you confirm that this isn’t the case? If this is some kind of bug however, then I’m happy to look into this problem in more depth given whatever other details you can provide me!


Perhaps you are referring to the issue tracked in this post: 1.42 Field of View too small, smaller than previous version

If that’s the case, we’re looking into this issue.

Thank you Greg and Ben for your feedback.

I tried to resync the image from the same SU camera to Veras and it still didn’t match the previous iterations. Please find the exemple images attached.

I was using the same SU model, the same camera and the same settings in Veras. The only thing that changed was the lighting in the prompts. The first image seems to respect the sketchup window and the second has a field of view that is way too small.

This bug is now resolved with the latest Veras Release. Thank you for your patience.

Download new version here: Windows | Mac