Uncertain about the process of canceling a monthly subscription

I recently bought a one-month subscription to Veras today, but I’m unsure about the steps to cancel it to avoid charges for the next month. Could you please assist in manually canceling my subscription? Thank you.

@zhilen111 Thanks for reaching out.

To cancel any subscription, first log into the Customer Portal (https://licensing.evolvelab.io/), then click on either the MANAGE ACCOUNT or UPDATE SUBSCRIPTION buttons.

This will take you to a page where you can cancel your Veras monthly subscription. You can cancel anytime, and you’ll still have access to Veras until your subscription end date (1 month after your last payment).

For more info on the managing licenses and the portal, see this post:

If you run into any issues and/or want us to cancel the subscription for you from our end, please confirm this by sending my a DM with the email address tied to your purchase, and we can go ahead and cancel it for you.