Unable to use this plugin on linked files in revit

I am unable to use this plugin on linked files in Revit. Please give me the solution asap

@rohinikumar Welcome to the forum!

Supporting Revit links is on our roadmap and we look forwards to this development. Is there a specific task for link support that you would prioritize? ex: dimensioning, tagging, view creation or sheet creation from links?

The linked models are not supported for creating dimensions, tagging.

I think tagging and dimensioning would be the priorities. In many residential or hospitality projects each apartment unit or hotel room is a link in a master file in which the documentation is done. We currently have a couple of projects like this and had to tag and dimension a lot manually.

Is this something in the near future of the roadmap?

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Yes, this is a high priority item in our backlog. The next release will have tag collision prevention so that tags get placed in the available white space on a drawing.

I’ll check internally to see if we can escalate this feature’s priority to be released soon after.