Sign up problem .. unable to create account!

Hi, I am a new member. I try to use Veras in Revit and it needs sign-in… But when I try to sign up in a subscription and create an account I encountered the following message “Unable to create account”
How can I solve this problem?

Can you share a screenshot of the error. Also, can you try to create an account in our license portal: EvolveLAB | Customer Portal

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Hi Ben . I want to test Veras in revit and after that buy the original account. Is it possible for you to create an account for me and send me my password to join and test this ai plugin?
my email address is

@valeh - I’ve added your account manually. Can you sign in now?

Hi, I have a same problem with signing up. Can you help me fixing this problem, please?

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@Sina - I’ve added you manually. Please let me know if you have access.

Hi, having the same problem with signing up. How can I solve it? thank you.

Can you add me too?
Having the same issue

@rzf - with further testing we found that this temporary link works for now: Temp Login Link

We’re working on a fix to roll out to the main link.

Thanks, but this still doesn’t let me sign up, just log in

when you “sign in” for the first time it asks you to create a password:

It doesn’t give me this option

@Ben Can you please help me sign up?
Can’t wait trying this!

i have promlem

Please help me to buy your services. I can’t log in with my account to make monthly purchases.

@Davar68 - can you try this temp link to sign in? Temp Login Link

Hi dear ben i have this problem too. can you add me manualy too?

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Can you try the temporary link above first?

salam mohamd . tonesti ba in link ke ben gozashte vared beshi