Sign up problem .. unable to create account!

hi ben . no i can’t ben

We use Stripe for payments and Google for our Veras endpoints. If you happen to be in a restricted zone, there’s very little we can do to enable access, as these regions are beyond our control.

Here’s a highlighted article on Stripe regarding access and restrictions:’s%20services%20for,such%20as%20those%20individuals%20or

Hi Ben
i cant create account
please add me

I’ve added your account. However, I would also check the link in the post above:

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Hi dear Ben… i cant create account… please add me


@amir.hoteb - Thanks for posting!

I’ve just created an account for you with the email you provided above and sent you a password reset email to allow you to log in.

I have removed your email from the above post for security reasons.

Please let us know if you have any further issues!