Rhino 8 Veras Workaround

You can now use Veras in Rhino 8 on Windows with a few simple steps!
Note: one of the steps may require Admin access.
Note: it’s best not to delete your original Rhino 8 shortcut.

The long story short is that some plugins made for Rhino 7 will not run in Rhino 8 unless you change a certain setting. While we’re still looking into the very best way for Veras to run in both Rhino 7 and Rhino 8 long term (without extra intervention needed from the Rhino/Veras user), we will show you now how you can already run Veras in Rhino 8 on Windows with a few easy steps!

First, find your Rhino 8 executable. It should be at the following path: C:/Program Files/Rhino 8/System/Rhino.exe

Next, right-click on the executable and click Create shortcut in the menu that pops up. You may have to first click Show more options to expose the Create shortcut option.

You will then be asked to create the shortcut on the desktop. Click Yes.

Find the shortcut on your desktop, right-click it, and choose properties from the menu.

Within the properties window, click on the Shortcut tab and add the text /netfx to the end of the Target: text field. Click Apply when done. (This step may require Admin privileges.) Then click OK. (Make sure you include a space between the target path and /netfx)

You’re all done! You can now double-click your shortcut to run Rhino 8 with the .NET Framework runtime. The Veras plugin should load successfully if you have it installed, and should only require that you type Veras into Rhino’s Command: line.

Note: If you have other plugins that are compatible with the .NET Core runtime, you can still use them by running Rhino 8 with the original shortcut that was created.


Hello Greg ,

Im using Rhino 8, and to my surprise, after following all your post the steps correctly, when trying to “add the text /netfx to the end of the Target”, and to my surprise it doesn’t allow me to click in Apply button and an error pops-up, basically saying the name in the Target field is not valid, and to verufy the access route and file name are correct

Kindly advise how to fix this, since I need to start using Veras asap and I decided to suscribe to a Plan thinking I was going to be able to use it with Rhino 8.

Many thanks for your help

Hello again Greg,

Not sure what happened, but now I was able to copy the /netfxto the end of the Target and click apply with no error. When double clicking the “modified” shortcut, rhino opens, i typed veras, and nothing happens… he plugin doesn’t load (where can i find it? What I have done so far is clicking in the “download for windows” on the main website “evolvelab.io/veras”, and it seems I have already installed Veras v1.5.0.0

Kindly advice,

Many thanks Greg

Hi @Vilos3, welcome to the forum!

We appreciate your business and appreciate you posting your questions here for others to be aided by them in the future.

Interesting error you got there. Not sure what that was either, but glad it seemed to resolve itself.

As for your new problem, it’s peculiar that Veras would already be installed when all you did was download the installer, but haven’t run run the actual installer. So are you saying Veras is already present in “Add or remove programs”?

Not sure if it makes a difference, but maybe try typing in “Veras” with uppercase ‘V’ in the command line.

Here’s another thing you can try. See if Veras is present in the “PluginManager”.

If Veras was seen by Rhino, it should be listed here:

If Veras is not listed, but Veras is installed on the machine you should be able to load the plugin like this: Press “Install…” button then go to the path/destination I circled and load the EvolveLAB.Veras.rhp file.

Let me know what you find out after going through some of these steps!


Hello Greg,

Many thanks for your response. Finally I was able to load the plugin and install it as you described and it worked.
Can’t wait to start using it




Thanks for the update, @Vilos3. Great to hear!

Hello I have the same issue, but cannot find a work around, any suggestions?

@luca24 ,

The problem might just be that you need to include a space between “C:/Program Files/Rhino 8/System/Rhino.exe” and /netfx

I’ll edit my original post to make sure that’s clear. Thanks for bringing this to my attention.

Please let me know if you still have issues after this.


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@luca24 - I also notices that netfx is mispelled as neftx:

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@Greg @Ben
Thank you guys for the quick reply, it was indeed the space between .exe" and /netfx


Rhino 8 is now officially supported without a workaround: Veras - Release 1.7